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CFI Certification And Recertification Educators

Gary L. Kruger, M.Ed.  

Your certificate is about teaching and who better to train you than an individual who has devoted his life to educational excellence and piloting for the past 53 years. Your instructor for ground school classes will be Gary L. Kruger, who has a Bachelor of Arts in Teaching, a Master of Education in Administration, and is a State of Texas certified teacher and administrator with numerous awards including the Texas State Teacherís Association Human Relations Award. Gary also holds Airline Transport Pilot certificates for both ASEL and AMEL, Commercial ASES, Gold Seal CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, and IGI certificates. During his aviation career, he has been a Chief Pilot in a two Part 141 Flight School and has given over a hundred Private, Instrument, Commercial, and CFII Final Stage Checks under Examining Authority, an Airman Certification Representative for both a Pilot School and Flight Instructor Revalidation Clinics, served as an Aviation Safety Counselor and a FAAST Team Representative, an instructor on nationally distributed Private Pilot and Instrument Pilot Written Prep DVDís. In addition, and most importantaly, he has signed off  hundreds of applicants with an incredible 95% pass rate for Initial CFIís, and a 99% pass rate for CFI/CFII Reinstatements and he can do the same for you.


Howard Davenport

Howard began flying at the age of 16 and acquired his Private Pilot license in 1973. His aviation career has spanned over 4 decades and 21,000 plus hours that has taken him to all 50 states, 3 continents, and 7 countries. He spent 21 years flying for airborne law enforcement in fixed wing and rotor-wing aircraft and 7 years as an FAA Principal Operations Inspector at the Houston FSDO. He moved to Uganda on the continent of Africa where he was a bush pilot and pilot for the U.S. Consulate's Office flying Cessna Caravans, BE-200 King Airs, and Bell 206 Helicopter. In the 70's and 80's, Howard performed Air Shows with the world famous Cole Brother's Air Show in a Stephen's Acro in which he performed one of his signature maneuvers, the inverted ribbon cut, at 15ft above the surface.
Howard is rated in Airplane Single Engine Land and Sea, Airplane Multi-Engine Land, Instrument Airplane, Rotorcraft-Helicopter, and Glider. He is a Certificated Flight Instructor in all of the above.
Howard's hobbies include playing music with his band, and exhibiting chickens at poultry shows across the U.S. He is the State Representative for the American Poultry Association, and State Youth Leader for the Youth Exhibition Poultry Association.    

Amanda Marrot CFI/CFII

 Amanda was born and raised in Southwest of England and arrived in Houston 11 years ago.She is always up for trying something new and went for discovery flight in 2011 in Houston and was hooked to it ever since. She gained her paragliding license last year and paragliders in destinations across the United States and Europe whenever she gets the opportunity. She earned her Private in 2011 and later her Commercial, Single & Multi and earned her CFI, CFII from Texas Flight.She also has her High Performance, complex and Tailwheel endorsements. In her free time she enjoys photography and working out at the gym.