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FAQ Initial CFII

CFI Certification And Recertification Educators

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is the advantage of doing the CFII as the initial rather than the   CFI?

A - The CFII:

  • Has approximately half the number of Tasks in the PTS as does the CFI
  • Does not require a spin endorsement
  • Does not require an extensive knowledge of Regulations, Certification Requirements (Sports, Private, Commercial, ATP, Recreational), Solo Requirements, Flight Maneuvers (Chandelles, Lazy Eights, Ground Reference Maneuvers, etc.
  • Teaching is easier since you do not have to have an objective and description for numerous maneuvers memorized
  • In most cases you will only have to demonstrate and teach three approaches
  • Does not have to be performed in a complex aircraft

Q – Why should I choose CFI C.A.R.E. for CFI training?

A CFI C.A.R.E. is dedicated to only training CFI’s. Nothing else gets in our way.  We are committed to your training as a CFI. We offer small classes (6 students maximum), the shortest possible training time, and you train with a seasoned instructor and not multiple low time instructors who cannot sign you off for an initial check ride with the FAA. We have a plan for training that has resulted in incredible 95% pass rate for Initial CFI applicants and 100% for all
Add-On CFI applicants!

As you compare schools, here are some important question you should ask:

    Will I have multiple instructors and if so, what are their qualifications?

    Does each instructor meet the FAA minimum requirements for training or signing off an initial CFI applicant?

    How many successful first time CFI applicants has each instructor signed

    Do you have documentation to back up your responses and may I see it?

Q – Can I flight train and take the check ride in my own aircraft?

AIn most cases, yes.  However your aircraft must meet all FAA requirements for training and the check ride. CFI C.A.R.E. will be glad to evaluate your airplane for free and make a recommendation. 

Q – Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in the course?

ANo.  However, all FAA Regulatory requirements for the rating must be met before you are eligible for a sign off to take the check ride for any rating. If you are seeking to complete training as quickly as possible, it would be best to have all of your knowledge tests and required ratings completed before beginning training, but it is not necessary for enrollment.

Q – How is the training organized?

A The ground training is daily, Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Flight training is scheduled on an individual basis after the ground training is completed. Flight training can be done Monday through Friday but not on weekends.

Q – Who will sign me off for the initial check ride?

AIn most cases, I will be the one to make that determination, however, anyone, such as your regular instructor, may do so as long as they are qualified.

Q – Is it possible to complete the ground training, flight training, and my check ride within 4 days for the initial CFII?

ANo. There are just too many variables (weather, equipment, the FAA, personal, etc.) to be able to guarantee that you will complete the training and a check ride in any specific number of days. The scheduling of the check ride is in the hands of the FAA and could take an additional 14 or more days after your sign off. 

Q – Do you guarantee a sign-off or that I will pass the check ride?

AI do not guarantee a sign-off or that you will pass the test if you are signed off. However, those that are signed-off have had a 95% pass rate compared to the 80% failure rate of most other students trained elsewhere.