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CFI Certification And Recertification Educators

Don Moore, Captain - MD88/90 ATP/FE/CFI/CFII/MEI/AGI/IGI
B757/767, DC9, HS125

May 31,1998, my CFI certificate expired. One month later on June 30, 1998, my son was born. For nearly 17 years, my son has shown a love of aviation. With me being a captain for a major airline, and my wife was a flight attendant for a regional carrier, it's no surprise that he loves airplanes. Now, he is 16 and wants to learn to fly. I originally sent my son out to the local airport for flying lessons. After 10 hours of flight training, and $2500 spent, my son wasn't progressing as I thought he should, and had even been taught some incorrect information. It was at that time, that I started researching the reinstatement of my CFII/MEI certificate. I did a Google search and found Gary Kruger. After talking with Gary and arranging my schedule at work, my training was scheduled, and Gary sent a study guide. When I arrived the first day, Gary was at the door to greet me. Everyone there was welcoming and very helpful. The only problem I had, was the weather wasn't cooperating, with low ceilings and low visibility. Gary and I spent the day going through the IACRA paperwork, prepping for the oral, and talking about current issues in instruction, hoping the weather would lift. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do the flying prep the first day. I did get to do a lot of hangar flying with the young CFIs who work at the FBO, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The weather on the second day started the same as the first day ended, but quickly improved. We got the flight training knocked out, and the FAA Designated Examiner was on standby for the check-ride. The check-ride went as planned and my CFI/MEI certificate is reinstated. Now, I can make sure my son is given the flight instruction he needs, and I will know he will be safe. Over my 30 year aviation career, I have encountered many instructors. Gary Kruger, "The CFI Guy", is the man to go to for CFI reinstatement and add-ons. Thanks, Gary.

Carols M. Poveda, Lt Col, USAF (Ret)

ATP 2594992: B757, B767, B727, CA212, CN235, L300

In 1999, my CFII/MEI expired because of an oversight on my part, and since then I have been searching for the right flight school to reinstate my privileges, but was unable to find it.

As luck would have it and with the help of a powerful search engine, I came across the CFI C.A.R.E website. The site offered a variety of add-on CFI certificates as well as a reinstatement option.  This was it!  I finally found the right school.

I called Gary Kruger, CFI C.A.R.E owner, to find out more information about the training, and his attitude was so good, I immediately scheduled my training date.

As advertised, the course called for a one day of training with Gary and the oral and evaluation flight the next day, but inclement weather with very low ceilings extended my training one extra day.  Not a problem, because I really needed the extra day to study and prep for the training and check flight.

The ground and flight training were first rate and on the spot.  Gary provided all required materials and thoroughly prepared me for my flight test.

It was an outstanding experience, and I will recommend it to any of my military flight instructor colleagues.

Thanks for the great experience!

Carlos M. Poveda
PC-12 Flight Instructor
Lockheed-Martin Corporation

PS. YES, I DID PASS ON THE FIRST ATTEMPT!  See you in six months for the seaplane rating.


Christopher A. Evans
ATP 1718164 A320,A340,B757,B767,DA20,G1159,GV,HS125,L1329

For years I have wanted to reinstate my long-expired Flight Instructor’s Rating, but never seemed to find enough free time to go through the process. A friend suggested that I check out CFI C.A.R.E. as they advertized a program designed to do exactly what I needed.

On May 25th, Gary Kruger of CFI C.A.R.E. completed my reinstatement training in one eight-hour session including 1.5 hours of recurrent flight training. He scheduled my oral and check-ride with a local FAA Designee for the 26th of May. The whole process was completed by 15:00 on the second day.

In spite of his clever “CFI C.A.R.E.” logo, Gary really does care. He is a consummate professional flight instructor and gave me a thorough tune-up. All required materials were provided. I felt well-prepared for my check-ride.

The whole experience was a real pleasure. I would recommend Gary’s program to anyone with a similar desire to get their CFI Rating reinstated.

Thank you Gary!!!
Chris Evans, CFI (Who won’t let it expire this time.)

Wayne Clark

I received my instructors rating in 1971. I then instructed from 1971 to 1981. After 1981, I started a greenhouse, and got away from the  instructing. I have since retired in 2006, and decided to get my CFI  back for part time instruction.

I started to do the work for my CFI at a local airport, and found  that the drive to and from became very time consuming. I saw an ad in Trade-A-Plane magazine for CFI reinstatement, and decided to investigate. After talking with Gary Kruger, I decided that it would be  in my best interest to fly to Houston and receive my CFI rating.

Gary stated that it would be a 3 day process in Houston, and it  turned out to only be 1 day of instruction, with a check ride the 2nd  day. I am very pleased with the whole process and result that I experienced with CFI C.A.R.E. I would recommend this to any CFI  candidate.   

Marvin Mathes  

Choosing a flight instructor to help you achieve your goals is often difficult.  Not knowing what is expected of you in order to accomplish your next pilot rating can make you lose sleep. This makes CFI C.A.R.E. worth considering.

Gary Kruger of CFI C.A.R.E. is a professional educator with a business like  approach to training. Gary has found a niche in flight training by  offering CFI Add-On, CFII Add-On, CFI reinstatement, and CFI Oral Prep  for the initial CFI certificate. Instead of trying to be all things to  all pilots, Gary is an expert in CFI certificates. Gary has created a series of affordable, no non-sense, to the point, courses that allow the average CFI/CFII add-on and CFI reinstatement candidate to complete a  course in just a few days.

I made an appointment with Gary to do a CFI Add-On to my CFII  certificate. Gary emailed a study guide that included the required practical test requirements, oral study questions and answers, and a likely flight profile for the practical test. Additional study materials provided after arriving for training included the aircraft manuals to be used for the practical test. Everything else was included in the  study guide.

Gary and I spent the first day preparing for the oral exam and flying the  flight profile. Gary has a long history with a couple of local DPE’s,  which usually means that there should be few surprises for the  practical. Other than the normal delays inherent to aviation, the  courses are designed to move forward swiftly.

I recommend Gary Kruger and CFI C.A.R.E. for any instructor that is  considering an add-on or reinstatement. If you are working toward your  initial CFI certificate, consider the prep course for the oral exam. You will find it difficult to find more efficient and better prepared  courses.

Bill Corcoran

November 1, 2011

Gary at CFI CARE was excellent. His course materials were excellent and his flight instruction was first class. Gary's experience, professionalism, and easy going personality make his courses highly recommended. If you choose CFI CARE you are making a great decision. THANKS AGAIN GARY!


Clyde H. Pearch

I wanted to let you know how much I truly appreciate my completion of your CFI Reinstatement and CFII Add-On programs. The approach and training methods you employ and apply made successful completion of both certificates a virtual breeze. Your personal hands-on style and professional demeanor ensures the CFI candidate will be successful in securing their CFI & CFII ratings. The information and pre-planning you provided assisted me in knowing exactly what to do to prepare myself for achieving one of my lifelong flying goals – becoming a CFII.

I have worked for over 30 years in professional training and education business, and I can say without reservation that you are a true professional, who genuinely cares for each of your students. I saw firsthand you putting forth the requisite skills and methods needed to facilitate a successful training and certification experience. Thanks a bunch!

I am happy to be a professional reference for CFI C.A.R.E.

I look forward to the day when I can come back to attend another lifelong learning experience with you. Until then, safe flying!

Sincerely yours,

Clyde H. Pearch
Eagle Group USA, Inc.

Cameron Edwards

I was working on my CFI at a local school but wanted something more rigorous and fast paced.  I researched various schools until I found Gary’s CFI C.A.R.E.  I was impressed with the price, pace, and structure of the program so I immediately called him and set up a class date.

I had heard horror stories from my previous instructors about their CFI checkride, which led to me being fairly intimidated by the CFI.  Fortunately, Gary’s program was more impressive than I ever thought possible. I passed both of my checkrides on the first time, and I have never felt as prepared for any of my checkrides as I was for my initial CFII and CFI checkrides.

I have been instructing for a little more than a year now and I love every minute of it.  Without Gary’s instruction I wouldn’t be where I am today.  If you are looking for a good CFI program then give Gary a call, you won’t regret it.

Cameron Edwards

Mike Brezden

"Gary is a GREAT guy that offers a GREAT, no nonsense, course. As a former airline pilot that's been out of the cockpit for a few years, I was about as "rusty" as a pilot can get. Gary got me up to speed in no time, and I was well prepared for the checkride. This course was time and money well spent. Thanks Gary."

Dave Winters

Just completed the CFII add on course at CFI CARE. Gary and his team are a very professional and friendly crew. The training and check ride were completed in the time that Gary had said to plan for. The experience was thoroughly enjoyable.

As advertised, there was one day that consisted of paper work and flight training with Gary and then the oral and the check ride were scheduled for the next day. The weather did not cooperate but Gary was able to reschedule the check ride for the following day and I was able to complete my goal.

I would recommend CFI CARE to anyone that is looking for initial, add on, or reinstatement CFI training.

David Winters

Jeff Baum Captain A320
ATP – MEL/A320/B737/BE1900/BE300CP – SEL/Glider
CFI – A/ME/Inst

Like a lot of pilots, my CFI certificates expired while I was committed to other training and simply didn’t have the time available to attend a recertification class. Now, years later, after having served as a training captain and check airman I find that I really missed instructing in general aviation. 

I began looking around for a program to reinstate my CFI certificates. After a couple of false starts I found Gray Kruger’s CFI C.A.R.E. on the internet. The name alone was enough to get a chuckle and my attention. Gary was immediately supportive and a plan to reinstate my CFI-A/ME by adding on the CFII was established.  I arrived at the training center on Monday just before lunch and left there Tuesday evening with a new CFI-A/ME/Inst.

From start to finish, the program was as planned, I had a great time and learned a lot just sitting and listening to Gary teach a group of new CFI candidates.  Gary has the program down to an science, but it’s not a CFI mill, you will learn… and have a blast doing so. Thanks, Gary!

Ps: The license plate is real!

Steve Voss - CFI/CFII

One of the worst decisions in my life was to let my CFII lapse in 1994. One of the best decisions I made was to fly out to David Wayne Hooks Airport (KDWH) in Texas to reinstate it with the help of Gary Kruger, aka "The CFI Guy" at CFI C.A.R.E. Gary's sole mission is to help CFI's reinstate or earn their initial. He has facilities, instructors and examiners to get the job done and done quickly. No games I knew I had to reinstate my CFII as I own a private airport (AZ21) and have grown children and friends who want to earn their private pilot license and by golly I wanted to be the guy to train them. I have no good excuse for letting my CFII lapse except to say life got in the way raising a family and earning a living

Before finding Gary on the internet I tried several flight schools and flight instructors in my area to prep me for the reinstatement check ride. But there was no plan, no end in sight, just keep dishing out money for more preparation . After google searching I found American Flyers. They have a 30 day accelerated CFI training program for the initial CFI and CFII add on. At least there was a program with a start and finish date unlike hiring independent flight instructors. I knew the American Flyers 30 day program was overkill and I didn't have time for it anyways. Besides, I already earned my CFI and CFII and simply needed to revalidate.

 While googling American Flyers I found CFI C.AR.E. Aka The CFI Guy. I called and talked to Gary and told him my story and my desire. He was awesome and a answer to my prayer. He sent me the study material and exactly what to expect on oral and flight ride. We made a date for me to fly in a couple weeks. Everything went according to plan. It was like a a well rehearsed Special Forces Operation, I was in and out of testing within a couple of days. Call Gary if you are serious about reinstating your CFII. YOU WILL BE SO HAPPY you did.