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CFI Certification And Recertification Educators


CFI C.A.R.E. is proud to announce a partnership with TEXAS FLIGHT (KDWH) establishing a Premier Certified Flight Instructor training facility. It is our goal to meet all your training needs for Initial, Add-On, and Reinstatement training for your CFI License.

While CFI C.A.R.E. provides only CFI Training, TEXAS FLIGHT will meet any other training requirements to accomplish your goal. TEXAS FLIGHT was recognized by AOPA for flight training and excellence in 2016 and was awarded Best Flight School Southwestern Region for flight training and excellence in 2017 by AOPA and again awarded the Most Distinguished Flight School in th Southwestern Region by AOPA in 2018.  For more information on TEXAS FLIGHT, please see their website:

Both CFI C.A.R.E. and TEXAS FLIGHT were established in 2008 and have provided personalized quality training in their respective areas of expertise and continue to do so while maintaing an informal, but professional atmosphere.

For information regarding CFI Training and/or additional training for other ratings, Flight Reviews, IPCs, etc. provided by TEXAS FLIGHT, please contact Gary (281)635-6855 or email at  

***IMPORTENT- Please Read***

CFI C.A.R.E. and TEXAS FLIGHT need 4-5 weeks to schedule your flight training. While TEXAS FLIGHT has over 12 different aircraft, guaranteed availability requires as much advance notice as possible. Planes typically are already scheduled over a month in advance due to the increased levels of training.  Planes and Instructors cannot be blocked off for training for extended periods of time unless you are willing to pay up front (no refunds) for that time. Initial flight scheduling can be for no more than 3 hours due to these limitations.

Check Rides cannot be scheduled with an examiner until training is complete and you have a sign off . There is one exception. They will not block off a date for you hoping that you will be ready on that date. Just like planes and instructors, examiners are in high demand.

There is no way to determine your proficiency through a phone call or email and project a specific amount of time required for training. We can provide you with a rough estimate, but until we fly or do ground with you we cannot guarantee anything or even give you anything but a very rough estimate based our experience and what you tell us initially.

The initial fee is non-refundable once you have completed the initial ground training  (25 hours). Additional ground training may be required but is charged on a hourly basis.



gary @ (281) 635-6855
This is my personal cell phone number. You will not get a secretary, dispatcher, or flight instructor.